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Future Currents

Future Currents is the electric guitar ensemble formed by composer/improviser Alex Roth to explore the full range of the instrument's sonic potential. Bringing together some of the UK's most acclaimed improvising guitarists, including members of Troyka, trioVD, and Blue-Eyed Hawk, the group creates new music of extremes, informed as much by composers like Morton Feldman, Frank Zappa, Olivier Messiaen and Richard D James as by pioneering guitarists such as Fred Frith, Robert Fripp, Marc Ducret and Bill Frisell.

The ensemble's self-titled debut EP, a collection of experimental miniatures with post-production by fellow guitarist Matt Calvert (Three Trapped Tigers), was released in November 2016 and runs the gamut from expansive soundscapes to minimalist textures and intense noise.

Alex Roth -

guitar, effects

Chris Montague - guitar, effects
Chris Sharkey - guitar, effects

Future Currents